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What is Sportfasting?

One step closer to your ultimate goal!

Overweight, energy dips, craving sweets? Then switch to fat burning. People who mainly burn fat are better protected against becoming overweight.

Everyone can switch from sugar to fat burning thanks to our scientific combination of fasting and exercise. Together with a Fittergy Coach you train your body to make this metabolic switch. Under supervision you will reduce your food intake, after which you will go on a 3-day (juice) fast in combination with intensive exercise (20-30 minutes per day) and supported by specially developed food supplements.

Your Fittergy Coach will design a personal Sportfasting schedule for your Sportfasting training, which you'll follow for 10 days. After the 10 days, you've made the switch and lost a few kilos, you feel more energized and fit!

Sportvasten Pack

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How does Sportfasting by Fittergy work?

Your Fittergy Coach
"Order Sportfasting at and we will search for a Fittergy Coach that fits you. Your Fittergy Coach will contact you for more details and schedule a meeting to get to know you.
Make The Switch
With Sportfasting you can make your metabolism switch from sugar burning to fat burning. Guided by your Fittergy Coach by exercising for 10 days. A personalized nutritional program and the use of special supplements. After 10 days you will be slimmer, fitter and more energetic!
Keep The Switch
The results you achieve you want to keep. By regularly using Keep The Switch products you can maintain your results.
Repeat The Switch
Need another 10-day kick start from sugar to fat burning? Repeat The Switch is the answer, with your Make The Switch experience you will need less coaching to make the switch from sugar to fat burning.

Take this test and make the Switch!

Are you motivated to make the Switch? To see what kind of results you can achieve and keep with Sportfasting, please fill out the following form.

What are your Sportfasting goals?
Weight loss
Improve physical condition
Improve vitality
How many hours a week do you exercise?
0 to 2 hours
2 to 6 hours
more than 6 hours
Do you use medication (with the exception of the contraceptive pill), are you being treated by a doctor for a certain condition or do you have an eating disorder?
Enter your height and weight and indicate your gender.

Congratulations, these are the results that you can achieve with Sportfasting within 10 days! In addition to this weight loss, you also feel much fitter and more energetic.

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We are happy to advise you on the Sportvasten by Fittergy process.

To ensure that Sportvasten by Fittergy does not give you any physical health complaints, we would like to advise you personally. Contact us via or call 010-4420417


"I'm more often at home and that easily leads to eating the wrong foods. Then I take a 10-day program such as Sportfasting or the Vegan Flex. It tackles your overweight fat cells and makes your healthy cells work more effectively again.
Marianne Timmer, Coach, Triple Olympic Champion, and one-time World Champion Sprint.
As a previous top athlete I nowadays have a bit more difficulty to maintain my weight. Frequently Sportfasting gives me a physical restart. It's a bit of a challenge, but with a fabulous payback.
John den Braber, Reporter and ex-professional bicyclist
To me, Sportfasting is a method to overcome my ragged lifestyle and to return to a responsible way of exercising and eating. I will definitely do it again next year.
Esther Goedegebuure, JAN Magazine
Starting Sportfasting

Begin Sportfasting!

Are you convinced of the success of the Sportfasting? Begin now and loose weight in 10 days, become fitter and more energetic!

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