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"Do you have any questions about Sportfasting or any other issues? Then check out our FAQ section below. If your question is not listed you can of course contact us.

How much weight will I lose after ten days of Sportfasting by Fittergy?

A large scientific study among thousands of Sportvasters shows that people lose on average 5-8% of his or her body weight . In women, this is 2 - 4 kg and 3 - 6 kg in men.

Do you also lose muscle tissue during Sportfasting by the Fittergy program?

With a Sportfasting by Fittergy program a lot of fluid and glycogen disappears from the muscles - not the muscle fibers. Because of this, the volume of the muscles decreases. This volume will return once you start eating normally again. Research at the VU University in Amsterdam on muscle biopsies of Sportfasters shows an increase in the muscle fiber cross-section. also called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy occurs especially when following the nutrition and workout guidelines by the Fittergy Sportfasting program.

Can I do Sportfasting while using medication or should I do the Vegan Flex by Fittergy?

Sportfasting by Fittergy is a heavy training program that requires you to be fit and free from medical problems. Many people take medication for the prevention of e.g. high cholesterol. The Fittergy Coach checks per person if it is safe to go Sportfasting. Vegan Flex by Fittergy can almost always be practiced without any reservation.

Which sports can I practice during Sportfasting by Fittergy and and how often can I work out?

Every day you'll engage in an intensive endurance training of 20 - 30 minutes, cycling, crosstraining, running, and rowing. Your Fittergy Coach determines the right level of training intensity based on your workout zones.

What are the differences between Sportvasten by Fittergy and Vegan Flex by Fittergy?

Sportfasting by Fittergy is a tough training program for which you need to be in good shape. Within a short period of time, it provides a lot of fitness and health benefits. With Sportfasting by Fittergy you switch from sugar to fat burning. Your weight loss after 10 days can be as high as 4 kg for women and up to 6 kg for men. Vegan Flex by Fittergy is a detoxification treatment. Women lose up to 2 kg and men can lose up to 4 kg. An increase in energy and vitality is the result. With Vegan Flex by Fittergy the main focus is on nutrition and less on sports. Exercise is important for a good result. For maximum results, you can combine Sportfasting and Vegan Flex by Fittergy.

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