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Improve your skills and specialty with the training programs from the Fittergy Academy

Achieve and retain your clients'goals with Fittergy lifestyle programs.

Working with lifestyle programs following the latest scientific insights.

Earn profit based on happy returning customers.

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Why become a Fittergy Coach?

As a Fittergy Coach you can meet and maintain the goals of your customers in a short time with Fittergy lifestyle programs Sportfasting and Vegan Switch. These are all easy to combine with your own Personal Training program.

The Fittergy team supports you in recruiting new customers to easily increase your revenue.

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Become a Fittergy family member

You will be trained and assisted by the Fittergy Team, enabling you to work efficiently within a month.

You will remain up to date with the latest developments. and networking with other Fittergy Coaches during the courses of Fittergy Academy.

Also, the Fittergy Team is available to answer all your questions.

Knowledge is power

Become a Fittergy Coach!

Meet your clients'ultimate targets with more effective lifestyle programs

Upgrade your skills Improve your ability to stand out and increase your sales?

Then follow the 2-day training and become a Fittergy Coach.

Training at the Fittergy Academy

How to become a Fittergy Coach?

Sign up for the course

Join the 2-day course for Fittergy Coach.

The 2-day course for Fittergy Coach will be given by Medical Biologist Drs. Remco Verkaik. The developer of the lifestyle programs Sportfasting and Vegan Flex.


During the course you will be made familiar with the background science and the practical implementation of the lifestyle programs.

Also the commercial translations of the Fittergy lifestyle programs and marketing tools are addressed.

Spark Their Energy

Get started! Help your clients to achieve their ultimate goals with the Fittergy lifestyle programs.

As a Coach, you will have access to the Fittergy PRO portal where you can benefit from discounted prices, financial commissions, and professional assistance.

Personal growth

Network during the classes with other Fittergy Coaches.

Stay up-to-date with all new Fittergy innovations, scientific findings, and refresher classes.


"I'm more often at home and that easily leads to eating the wrong foods. Then I take a 10-day program such as Sportfasting or the Vegan Flex. It tackles your overweight fat cells and makes your healthy cells work more effectively again.
Marianne Timmer, Coach, Triple Olympic Champion, and one-time World Champion Sprint.
As a previous top athlete I nowadays have a bit more difficulty to maintain my weight. Frequently Sportfasting gives me a physical restart. It's a bit of a challenge, but with a fabulous payback.
John den Braber, Reporter and ex-professional bicyclist
To me, Sportfasting is a method to overcome my ragged lifestyle and to return to a responsible way of exercising and eating. I will definitely do it again next year.
Esther Goedegebuure, JAN Magazine


Fittergy develops scientifically-based lifestyle concepts and nutritional supplements to make people fitter feel more healthy and energetic. We achieve this by using our lifestyle programs, our in-house certified factory and market leading webshops.

It is the passion of our entire team that has made Fittergy a leading transformational lifestyle brand for fitness trainers. lifestyle coaches nutrition consultants and therapists. Fittergy is changing the way you are living: for life.

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Begin Sportfasting!

Are you convinced of the success of the Sportfasting? Begin now and loose weight in 10 days, become fitter and more energetic!

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