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What is Sportfasting?

Do you want to lose 2-6 kilos in ten days and make the switch from sugar to fat burning? Sportfasting by Fittergy is a 10-day course that you follow under the guidance of our certified Coaches. Scientifically substantiated and with measurable results.

More energy
Switch to fat burning and improve your sporting performance

You get your energy from fat, not from sugar. Fats provide you with more energy, reduces your sweet tooth cravings, and lowers sugar dip problems.

Weigth loss
Showing weight loss in just 10 days

Men on average lose 3 to 6 kg and women 2 to 4 kg. By burning internal abdominal fat, this will flatten your belly.

Energytic feeling
Fast health benefits

You will recover quicker after exercising, your cholesterol level will drop and your condition is getting better. In short you will feel in top shape and energetic.

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"I'm more often at home and that easily leads to eating the wrong foods. Then I take a 10-day program such as Sportfasting or the Vegan Flex. It tackles your overweight fat cells and makes your healthy cells work more effectively again.
Marianne Timmer, Coach, Triple Olympic Champion, and one-time World Champion Sprint.
As a previous top athlete I nowadays have a bit more difficulty to maintain my weight. Frequently Sportfasting gives me a physical restart. It's a bit of a challenge, but with a fabulous payback.
John den Braber, Reporter and ex-professional bicyclist
To me, Sportfasting is a method to overcome my ragged lifestyle and to return to a responsible way of exercising and eating. I will definitely do it again next year.
Esther Goedegebuure, JAN Magazine

How much weight will I lose after ten days of Sportfasting by Fittergy?

A large scientific study among thousands of Sportvasters shows that people lose on average 5-8% of his or her body weight . In women, this is 2 - 4 kg and 3 - 6 kg in men.

Do you also lose muscle tissue during Sportfasting by the Fittergy program?

During Sportfasting by Fittergy, a lot of fluid and sugars disappear from the muscles – not the muscle proteins. As a result, the muscles TEMPORARILY decrease in volume. When you are allowed to eat again, the muscle volume returns. Research by the VU Amsterdam on muscle biopsies from Sportvasters has even shown an increase in muscle fiber cross-section, or hypertrophy. That is the bigger and stronger muscles. The hypertrophy arises when following the nutrition and training guidelines of the Fittergy Coach.

I am taking medicines: can I do Sportfasting?

Sportfasting by Fittergy is a tough training program where you have to be fit and without medical complaints. Many people have medicines for prevention, for example for high cholesterol. In such cases, Sportfasting is often possible, but the Fittergy Coach will examine whether this is the case in each individual case. A very nice alternative to Sportvasten by Fittergy is Vegan Flex by Fittergy. In this 10-day course your body also makes a switch and this course can be followed by almost everyone without reservation.

How much should you exercise during Sportvasten by Fittergy and which sports can I do?

During 10 days you do an intensive endurance training of 20 - 30 minutes per day. For example, you can go cycling, cross training, running or rowing. Your Fittergy Coach determines the right intensity for you based on your training heart rate.

I have doubts about Sportfasting. What are the benefits and is there an alternative?

Sportfasting by Fittergy is a tough training program for which you need to be in good shape. Within a short period of time, it provides a lot of fitness and health benefits. With Sportfasting by Fittergy you switch from sugar to fat burning. Your weight loss after 10 days can be as high as 4 kg for women and up to 6 kg for men. Vegan Flex by Fittergy is a detoxification treatment. Women lose up to 2 kg and men can lose up to 4 kg. An increase in energy and vitality is the result. With Vegan Flex by Fittergy the main focus is on nutrition and less on sports. Exercise is important for a good result. For maximum results, you can combine Sportfasting and Vegan Flex by Fittergy.

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